Top 10 Most Famous And Oldest Universities In The World

#1. University Of Bologna, Italy (Founded in 1088)University Of Bologna, Italy
#2. University Of Paris, France (Founded in 1150)University Of Paris, France
#3. University Of Oxford, London (Founded in 1167)University of Oxford, London
#4. University Of Cambridge, London (Founded in 1209)University of Cambridge, London
#5. University Of Salamanca, Spain (Founded in 1218)University Of Salamanca, Spain

#6. University Of Padua, Italy (Founded in 1222)University Of Padua, Italy
#7. University Of Naples Federico II, Italy (Founded in 1224)University of Naples Federico II, Italy
#8. University Of Toulouse, France (Founded in 1229)University of Toulouse, France
#9. University Of Siena, Italy (Founded in 1240)University Of Siena, Italy
#10. University Of Valladolid, Spain (Founded in 1241)University Of Valladolid, Spain
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