14 Types Of Selfies You’ll See In Today’s Time

#1. The Mirror SelfieThe Mirror Selfie Hot Girl
#2. The Duckface SelfieKim Kardashian's duckface selfie
#3. The Goofy SelfieThe Goofy Selfie
#4. The Blurry SelfieThe Blurry Selfie
#5. The Selfie With A *Insert Cute Object Here*The Selfie With a Insert Cute Object Here
#6. The Ironic SelfieThe Ironic Selfie
#7. The Indirect SelfieThe Indirect Selfie
#8. The “I’m So Cool” SelfieThe “I’m so cool” Selfie
#9. The Holiday SelfieThe Holiday Selfie
#10. Too Hot SelfieToo Hot Selfie
#11. The #NoFilter SelfieThe #NoFilter Selfie
#12. The Famous Friends SelfieThe Famous Friends Selfie
#13. The Selfie’s SelfieSelfie’s Selfie

#14. The Group SelfieGroup Selfie

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