Top 10 Smallest And Cutest Dog Breeds Around The World

#1. The Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels GriffonGriffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon
#2. Chihuahua, The Toy Dog BreedChihuahua Smallest Dog
#3. Affenpinscher – The African Terrier Or Monkey TerrierAffenpinscher African Terrier Or Monkey Terrier
#4. The Papillon, Also Called The Continental Toy SpanielPapillon, Also Called The Continental Toy Spaniel
#5. Maltese, The Toy Dog Breedmaltese dog breed toy
#6. The Japanese Chin, Also Called The Japanese SpanielThe Japanese Chin, Also Called The Japanese Spaniel
#7. Yorkshire Terrier, The Small Dog Breed Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Toy
#8. Toy Fox TerrierToy Fox Terrier Dog Breed
#9. Russkiy Toy Or Russian ToyRusskiy Toy Or Russian Toy
#10. Pomeranian, The Toy Dog BreedPomeranian toy dog breed
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