My Top 10 Favourite Anime Movies

#1. Princess Mononoke, Anime Movie
Princess Mononoke Anime Movie
#2. Spirited Away, Anime Movie
Spirited Away anime movie
#3. Summer Wars, Anime MovieSummer Wars anime movie
#4. The Garden Of Words, Anime Movie
The Garden of Words anime movie
#5. The Wind Rises, Anime MovieThe Wind Rises anime movie
#6. 5 Centimeters Per Second, Anime Movie5 Centimeters Per Second anime movie
#7. Broken Blade (Movie Series), Anime MovieBroken Blade anime movie series
#8. Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Anime MovieChildren Who Chase Lost Voices anime movie
#9. From Up On Poppy Hill, Anime MovieFrom Up On Poppy Hill anime movie
#10. Howl’s Moving Castle, Anime MovieHowl's Moving Castle anime movie
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