58 Incredible And Interesting Sad Animal Facts

#1. Leeches Have 32 BrainsLeeches Have 32 Brains
#2. Dogs Can’t See TelevisionDogs Can't See television
#3. Shark Pregnancies Last Four YearsShark Pregnancies Last Four Years
#4. Red Panda Identity CrisisRed Panda Identity Crisis Giant Pandas
#5. Shark Lose A Tooth A WeekShark lose A Tooth A Week
#6. Banana Slug The Slowest Animal On EarthThe Banana Slug Facts
#7. Crabs Have Teeth In Their StomachsCrabs Have Teeth In Their Stomach
#8. Kiwis Can Remember For Five YearsKiwis Can Remember For Five Years
#9. Cow Can Produce Up To 200 Liters Of Methane Gas DailyCow Produce  Methane Gas Daily
#10. Only Half Of A Dolphin’s Brain Sleeps At A TimeHalf Of A Dolphin’s Brain Sleeps
#11. Birds Use Gravity To SwallowBirds Can't Eat In Outer Space
#12. Female Ferret Have To Mate, Otherwise She Will DieFemale Ferret Have To Mate
#13. Frogs Can Close Their EarsFrogs Can Close Their Ears
#14. Beavers Teeth Never Stop Growingbeavers teeth never stop growing
#15. Hippo Skin Ooze A Natural SunblockHippo Skin Ooze A Natural Sunblock
#16. Houseflies Can Only HumHouseFlies Hum
#17. Foxes Live, Work, Eat And Sleep AloneFoxes Live, Work, Eat And Sleep Alone
#18. Jellyfish Have No HeartsJellyfish Have No Hearts
#19. Salt Creek Tiger Beetle Live UndergroundSalt Creek Tiger Beetle Live Underground
#20. Goats Can See 360 DegreesGoats Can See 360 Degrees
#21. Goldcrest Never Have A Birthday, Lives Only Eight MonthsGoldcrest Lives Eight Months
#22. Ring Tailed Lemur Smells The WorstRing Tailed Lemur Smells The Worst
#23. Moths Have No StomachsMoths Have No Stomach
#24. Pit Vipers Have Heat Sensors On Their LipsPit Vipers Have Infrared Receptors On Their Lips
#25. Pit Vipers Have Infrared Receptors On Their LipsZebras Can't Sleep Alone
#26. Wild Yaks Eat Snow To Stay HydratedWild Yaks Eat Snow To Stay Hydrated
#27. Cicadas Sleep For 17 YearsCicadas Sleep For 17 Years
#28. Pigs Can’t See The SkyPigs Can't See The Sky
#29. Raccoons Have Nimble FingersRaccoons have nimble fingers
#30. Gorillas Can Catch Human ColdsGorillas Can Catch Human Colds
#31. An Octopus Always Lives AloneAn octopus always lives alone
#32. Guacamole Is Extremely Poisonous To HamstersGuacamole poisonous To hamsters
#33. A Snail Can Grow Back A New Eye If It Loses OneSnails  can grow back a new eye
#34. The Dusky Seaside Sparrow Became Extinct In 1987Dusky Seaside Sparrow Extinct
#35. Pregnant Polar Bears Gain 200 PoundsPregnant Polar Bears Gain 200 Pounds
#36. Mice Can Sense Sadness In Other MiceMice Can Sense Sadness
#37. Dwarf Lemurs line Their Homes With FecesDwarf Lemurs  Homes With Feces
#38. Elephants Can’t JumpElephants Can't Jump
#39. Sea Turtles Never Meet Their MomsSea Turtles never Meet Their Mom
#40. Roadrunner Make Themselves CryRoadrunner Make Themselves Cry
#41. A Group Of Seagulls Is Called A WreckSeagulls Make The Worst Team
#42. Walrus Breath On The Ocean FloorWalrus Breath On Ocean Floor

#43. Weight Of An Alligator’s Brain?Weight Of An Alligator's Brain

#44. Ants Don’t Sleep But They Take 8 Minute NapsAnts Take 8 Minutes Snaps
#45. Garden Lizards Eat Their Own Tails For CalciumGarden Lizards Eat Their Own Tails
#46. Snakes Can’t WinkSnakes Can't Wink
#47. Grizzly Bears Can Smell Things Even 18 miles AwayGrizzly Bears Smell Things 18 miles
#48. Worms Have 5 HeartsWorms Have 5 Hearts
#49. Mayflies Never See A Sunsetmayflies never see a sunset
#50. Giraffes Sleep Two Hours A NightGiraffes Sleep Two Hours A Night
#51. Crows Never Forget A FaceCrows Never Forget A Face
#52. Ostriches Spends 4 Months Alone Every WinterOstriches Spend The Winter Alone
#53. An Opossum Mom Carries All Her Babies On Their BackOpossum mom carries all her babies
#54. Cost Of A Jar Of Honey, $182,000Cost Of A Jar Of Honey
#55. Birds Who Live At Home Eat Barf For Every Mealwhat do home birds eat
#56. Pumas, Mountain Lions, Cougars And Jaguars Are All The Same AnimalPumas, Mountain Lions Cougars And Jaguars
#57. Butterflies Taste Everything With Their Feetbutterflies taste with their feet
#58. Blobfish Have No Muscles Blobfish Have No Muscles

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