Diet Plan For Life, Not Healthy. Side Effects Of Dieting

Although all of us want to be slim and fit, especially for the ramp models. Almost all of the ladies in this world believe that the only way to stay and look beautiful is to look thin and slim. And dieting seems to be the only way to reach your “look-slim” goal. But that “look-slim” goal just may not get turned to “look-thin” goal. What I mean, is dieting to a limit can make you look good and happening but dieting too much may just make you skinny and look not so good as you may think.

Here are some model’s, maybe from US, Europe, Russia or elsewhere, doesn’t matter, who tried “extreme” dieting to just get the perfect look but ended up looking a little or massively thinner and skinny.

The Most Shocking And Saddest Part Of Fashion Industry

But they didn’t stopped here itself. In her quest to get a “size-zero” figure literally, she overcame and out broke all her body limits and here is what she looks like now :

Its Good Most Of The Countries Banned The Skinny Model And Other Country Following Them

So if you’re not convinced by looking at these pictures that dieting can literally make you “invisible” and extreme-dieting like they did must be avoided. What’s the point in looking beautiful and money you earn when you cannot enjoy your favorite KFC’s chicken wings or McD’s jumbo sized chicken burger or triple scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor.